Client Name:
Arise Infra
Project Name
Arise Florus

Arise Florus, Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Designing of a building is an extremely crucial factor in making sure that this building is not just functional but also has a positive impact on its surroundings. Arise Florus, as part of providing luxurious and comfortable living spaces inclined towards sustainability of nature. While designing for individuals, architects at Vastu Nirman believe that it is these tiny details that define and enhance an individual's experience. The landscape is also important as it helps to create an entertainment space for children and senior citizens, as well as adds beauty to the environment. The fenestration pattern of each building planned carefully to maximize the views from the apartments. The design consists of water conservation such as rainwater harvesting & S.T.P. The solar panel and BEE rated light fixtures used for energy efficiency.

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